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Altered Book – Less and Less Pages, A Lesson Learnt October 7th, 2006

When I showed the the toy page I pointed out that the page had split at the spine but as each page was glued to the ones either side it was secure and I liked the look for that page…But I didn’t want it on every page and worse still pages started to fall out…The Lesson Learnt Start with a book that has a Stitched spine…Umm what to do?…Abandon this one, learn the lesson from it and start again?…But I like the pages I have done and it is not in my nature to abandon and I think that my creativity is more stimulated when I have a problem to solve..Sooo I will finish it in a simplified version, that is I let several of the pages fall out, that is less pages to fix and less pages to decorate to finish the finish, to fix the remaining pages I glued organza ribbon down the join of each page.

fixing the pages

Part of a Jig saw puzzle
As well as having less pages to simplify it I will make the pages less detailed than I otherwise would have, to start with I was going to do a page incorperating parts of a Jig Saw Puzzle, to keep it simple I have used just parts of the jigsaw puzzle, to make the page interactive I have placed a couple of pieces so that a bit is off the page and can be seen from other pages in the book, I have put one piece loose in one of the matchbox draws and there will be other pieces incorperated into or hidden in, the design of some of the other pages.

The Jigsaw Puzzle page

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  1. Suzanne Says:

    This is gorgous period.
    Sorry it took so long to come to your site.
    I’m here now !

  2. Annies Crazy World Says:

    […] Time for some quick experiments…I have some jig saw puzzle pieces left over from an old puzzle I used for an altered book page…I put together a corner of the puzzle that was mostly sky background and cut out a post card sized piece, along the cut edges I glued the smaller pieces around the edges to the nearest full piece to make new edge pieces. […]

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