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October 2019
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My Band Sampler 148 – Details 864 to 870 – Feather Stitch February 9th, 2009

more feather stitch

This block of Feather Stitch is playing with the angle of the stitch and stitch size.

I started with a line of basic feather stitch as a reference point for the rest of the block.

The second line slopes the needle further towards the centre which makes the central spine straigter.

The third and fourth lines are from angling the needle straight down, line 4 has a longer stitch which makes a wider seam.

The fifth line has a narrow spacing at the top with the needle angled almost down making a long stitch creating deep Vs.

The sixth line has a wide top and when the needle is angled almost towards the centre it creates wide shallow V’s.

The seventh row shows what happens if the angle in the sixth row is pushed even further so that it points directly at the centre…What happens is that the stitch formed is called Cretan Stitch

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