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January 2022
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My Band Sampler 150 – Detail 878 – Floods and Fire February 11th, 2009

Flood and Fire

I have 2 brothers and there families live near Ingham in north Queensland which has flooded twice…In Victoria I have friends and fellow country men who have faced the worst fires in our recorded history with 181+ lives lost and nearly 2,ooo homes burnt to the ground.

How do I record this one on my Sampler?…The contrast of flood and fire brings to mind Dorothea MacKellar’s Poem I love a Sun Burnt Country…I printed the words on fabric and then overprinted them with a flood photo and a fire photo, above the images I embroidered the works Dark Days as the days are literally dark as bush fires darken the sky and both flood and fire cut electricity supplies and metaphorically dark as the survivors have to grieve their losses so that they can go on living.

I was going to write some of the details beside the poem but I have left it blank, what words do I write? and the images seams to speak for itself…For the recording of the history I will write the dates etc on the back.

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