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The TO DO List October 20th, 2005

This Page is to be My Master TO DO List….As a List this Page is itself a work in Progress as a list of things to do is continually changing as items are added to and struck off the List

High Priority

  • make up OZ/USA Swap Baggies

  • Bob’s Apron.
  • 12″ Pink Block.
  • 6″ Fan Block for Wendy.

Crazy Quilt WIPs and UFOs (That’s Works In Progress and UnFinished Objects)

  • Box top

Other Quilting, Art and Craft WIPs and UFOs

  • Quilt Nine Patch Mystry Quilt
  • Make 5 sets of 3″ Nine Patches for friendship group

About the House

  • Laundry
  • – Paint Shelves and Architrave gloss white,
  • – Finish installing Panal with trapdoor for hot water controls,
  • – Paint Walls Terracotta,
  • – Paint Doors ???colour,
  • – Buy Blue washing basket and accessories.
  • Make Curtains for Lounge Room and Hang ‘Another World’ Quilt.

In The Garden

  • Lay Slate Pavers outside Front Door,
  • Dig up Gladys from under window,
  • Prune Banksia Rose above Front door,
  • And Whilst on Roof Photograph crazy garden.


  • Shoe Block for Lynne…finished 20 Oct 2005
  • Applique symbles to Black Gowns…

  • For Nowra I need to make a 6″ Block, make ATCs, decorate a pair of Y Front Undies.
  • Make 3 Bon Bons for christmas Cracker Swap
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