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Nativity Calendar 1st December – Detail 948 December 1st, 2009

Nativity Calendar

For the last couple of months my attention has been required elsewhere but I have just had a few days away with a quilting friend and now my head is cleared so that I can get back to some stitching and blogging and as it is the 1st of December I am in time to blog my Nativity Calendar as I open the windows.

1st December

I made my Nativity Calendar in 1989 and each square is 1 1/2 inchs. It started with a few christmas designs that a friend had, some of them are from cross stitch patterns that I adapted to christmas by adding a holly leaf, some I designed myself.

2 Responses to “Nativity Calendar 1st December – Detail 948”

  1. tina Says:

    Annie I am sooooo glad to see you b ack. I have so enjoyed your blogging. Welcome back!

  2. Mimi 2254 Says:

    Beautiful Annie, I’ve been going back over your previous posts, and your embroidery is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, the reason I started to follow your blog. Keep in coming girl, what wonderful eye candy!!

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