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My Band Sampler 159 – Stitch Explorer Trellis Stitchea Teddy Bear – Detail 904 and 905 February 23rd, 2009

Boo Bo my Trellis Stitch Teddy BearLast week when sewing with Sharon she pulled some brown chenille out of my box and suggested that I could stitch a teddy bear with it…I drew a bear shape and used pearl thread to back stitch around it, I was glad that I thought to do longer back stitches because the chenille needed the extra space…for the legs and arms I trellis stited down one side and then as I stitched the second side I laced the thread through the first side between each stitch, for the body I die a row of trellis down both sides and then laced the 2 sides together down the centre, the head is spiral trellis stitch, the ears, which are not attached to the fabric are a row of 3 sitches and a row of 2 stitches.

An overview of part of my samplerI named him Boo Boo because he reminded me of my child hood bear who was in turn named after Boo Boo, Yogi Bear’s offsider…And what did Boo Boo do? I blamed my child hood bear for the naughty things that I did and this little Boo Boo left brown fluff on Sharon’s floor.

How to stitch a trellis stitch teddy bear

6 Responses to “My Band Sampler 159 – Stitch Explorer Trellis Stitchea Teddy Bear – Detail 904 and 905”

  1. Marci Says:

    BooBoo made me smile – looks a lot like the bear I had that was also naughty. Love your sampler!

  2. Doreen G Says:

    Boo Boo could do no wrong Annie he is so cute.
    Love this section of your sampler.

  3. Carolyne Foley Says:

    I just love that cup and saucer.


  4. Nancilyn Says:

    Bravo! Cup and saucer and the precious bear are wonderful!

  5. Melusine Says:

    SharonB just sent me over – love what you’ve done with the trellis stitch. Both the cup and saucer and the bear are cute and nicely executed. I am going to send a like to BooBoo to a friend who makes bears – I think she will love it.

  6. Melusine Says:

    Phooey. That should have been “send a link” not “send a like”!

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