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October 2023
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Twin Stockings_02 and My Band Sampler 112 – Details 784 and 785 October 13th, 2008

Train track on stocking XAs I was thinking about the embellishments I started to think in the line of making a spot the difference, make the connections type game between these 2 stockings and as I followed those thoughts I realized that I could make links with the other stockings as well, with that thought in mind I printed out A4 size images of the other stockings.

For this first seam I did a train track under the train printed on the fabric and added trees along the track so that it links to the train track on one of the original stockings.

As I stitch each seam I am stitching the same onto my sampler, which will give me a nice little Christmas section on it.

Train and track embellishment

2 Responses to “Twin Stockings_02 and My Band Sampler 112 – Details 784 and 785”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love the way you made them look like railroad tracks! That is so cute and so is the button on the bottom one. Seeing the way you did it with the printed one gives that some texture that it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

  2. ErvinTW Says:

    Thanks! Nice post.

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