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Quilt Roller Mark 2 March 24th, 2006

Well actually it is an extension to my first quilt roller…when I put the skirt on the first roller I really wanted to make it as long as the quilt but it seemed like an awful lot of extra fabric that I couldn’t justify using as I alos had to make a bag to protect the outside of the quilt…So I made the roller with a mini skirt but the idea of a long skirt didn’t leave my head and in the meanwhile I had a problem with what size to make the bag, I wanted the quilt to be a snug fit in the bag so that it didn’t slip around inside…I rolled the quilt firmly and measured the circumference and could have made a bag that fitted it snuggly and but what if the next person doesn’t roll the quilt quite as firmly so it is just a little bit bigger and wont fit back in the bag, you know like tents that are all neatly folded into a bag when you buy them but never fit back in the bag again…So I just have to make the bag a bit looser and accept that it may move around in the bag…still my head is saying I don’t like that I want there to be the least chance that the embellishments will move around and rub on the back of the quilt…what if I do make the skirt longer and put ties on the end but to do that I would have to make the skirt wider so that the ties are at the end of the quilt not around the quilt itself where they could leave depression marks on the quilt…but that would require even more extra fabric…I tell myself that its all getting to complex, that I should just make the bag and be done with it…but the idea wouldn’t let go in the back of my mind I kept designing and imaging how it would work..Ummm…light bulb moment….what if as well as being wider than the quilt it is longer so that when rolled the end of the quilt would be well back in the roll and protected…I wouldn’t need to make an extra bag…and that would mean less extra fabric…and the extra fabric could be cheap fabric, actually an old sheet, which is what my quilts end up being rolled in, would work perfectly.

For most of the extra fabric I used a piece of calico that never did wash soft and was to stiff for any other use but is perfect for my long roller skirt…I made up the area with some black fabric left over from another project and to match it to the quilt I used the last strip of the green backing fabric and finished the end with a purple silk binding.

Quilt roller

The roller skirt is about 6″ wider and longer than the quilt.

quilt laid on roller

When the quilt is rolled the ends are tied

The ribbon is tied around the ends

To finish off the quilt roller I used T shirt transfer to add the name of the quilt…I am delighted with how well it works…It looks like a big candy wrapper which is probably appropriate considering the eye candy that is inside…

Eye Candy Wrapper

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