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Hubble Bubble April 16th, 2008

Cutting out lace for capeAt last months crazy quilt meeting I was given a bundle of lace that a friend thought that I might be able to use to make some clothing, when I measured it there was 15 metres of it and I decided that it would make a good cape.

The lace is only 80cm wide so I had add a couple of seams to the pattern that I borrowed from Sharon, to fit it on the fabric, it was easy to do and I have the lace cut out.

The lace is a beige colour and I want to put it over a burgundy lining but the light weight cotton fabric that I want to use for the lining only comes in white so I have had the dye pot out to get the colour that I want.

Dying lining for cape

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  1. Annies Crazy World Says:

    […] A couple of weeks ago I posted about dying the lining for a lace cape, when I had it rinsed and dry it had washed back to a pink colour which was far lighter than what I wanted, last week I got to the shops to get a different dye and have now redyed the lining… […]

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