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August 2022
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Quilt Packageing March 18th, 2006

Something else that we needed to think about for the All that Jazz quilts is that we need to send them over the big pond from Australia to the USA and from there they will be posted out again to their new owners…I couldn’t figure out a practical way to send them flat, I didn’t think that folding was an option because #1 in particular could not be folded without folding through blocks…the option that is left is to roll them…that means that we needed something to roll them around and that something needed to be light weight so as not to cost to much when posted.

I started with the tube from a roll of fabric which I wrapped in batting to about a 6″ diameter…
I cut a piece of muslin (calico in USA) (the width of the quilt plus the diameter of the batting roll plus 2″ for a hem at each end) x (the circumference of the roll plus seam allowance) …I hemmed the ends stitched a half inch seam down the length, turned it right sides out and inserted the batting covered tube….I used a strong thread to run a gathering stitch around each end, like the end of a bolster and when they where gathered to the centre, how could I not finish the ends with a button, I was at Sharon’s when I did the gathering and I raided her button box for 2 small white shank buttons to finish off the ends…

End of Roll

The extra bit of fabric that you can see coming out of the roll is, a rolling skirt…to make it I cut a piece of the fabric about an 1″ wider than the quilt plus hems each side by about 15″…I hemmed the edges, put a binding on one long side and put the other long side into the seam before stitching the seam on the tube cover.

adding the roller skirt

And what you ask is a rolling skirt…it is a little, possibly crazy, invention to overcome a problem that I have when rolling quilts…The problem being that it can be difficult to get the leading end of the quilt to tuck in to start the roll without catching on any embellishments or getting some of it folded back and doing it without loosing the tension of the quilt on the roll and on larger quilts you often need a second person…with the rolling skirt the end is automatically rolled in and I am single handed able to get a firm neat roll quickly.

place end of quilt on top of skirtend of quilt held into roll

All that Jazz #3 Update

The fabric I chose to redo All that Jazz #3 is a pinkish purple slub silk, I have photographed it with the borders of the other 2 quilts and I have freyed out a bit of the fabric to show you the 2 colours of thread that have been used to weave the fabric.

All that Jazz border fabrics

2 Responses to “Quilt Packageing”

  1. allison aller Says:

    Annie, you are a marvel!!!! I will definitely use this method if I have to ship a large crazy quilt anywhere. Many thanks for the post…

  2. Julia C Says:

    Thank you for the idea!
    You have sovled my problem of how to pack a CQ that i’m entering in a quilt show here, I too did not want to fold it.

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