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My Band Sampler – Panel #2 and Adding the Binding February 27th, 2008

My Band Sampler panels #1 & #2

I have finished the second Panel of my Band Sampler…I have photographed it with the first panel so that you can see how there lengths differ, the second panel is 33 inches long making a total length of 63.5 inches.

My next task is to bind the edges of the panels…originally I was going to bind the panels with black but when I went to purchase some ribbon I thought that the dark red looked much nicer…I am using 5/8th inch Satin Ribbon, using running stitch done with a matching thread I stitched the ribbon to the back of the panel then folded the ribbon to the front and stitched it in place again using a running stitch done with a matching thread.

My Band Sampler Binding

2 Responses to “My Band Sampler – Panel #2 and Adding the Binding”

  1. Susan Says:

    I had not realized you were going to join them end-to-end. I thought they would be side-by-side, like this!
    Where are you going to hang something so long, presuming the next two will also be added lengthwise?

  2. crazypatch Says:


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