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Take it Further – February Colours / My Band Sampler 23 – Detail 559 February 21st, 2008

My intension for this seam was a couple of buttonhole staggered likc bricks…Once I had Bricks on my brain I couldn’t resist doing a extra rows to make a brick wall.

Buttonhole stitch bricks

Take it Further February Colours

Bricks are 3 strands of cotton floss, 2 strands of dark brown with 1 strand of light brown, mixing the colours gives more txture to the bricks.

The grass and Flower stems are Random Buttonhole Stitch with 3 strands of cotton floss.

This brick wall completes my 12 inches of stitching with the Take it Further February Colours.

The green at the bottom is an overlapp onto the Feb colours but also if I was working with these colours on a crazy block I would just about always allow myself to use green with them, for leaves and grass.

2 Responses to “Take it Further – February Colours / My Band Sampler 23 – Detail 559”

  1. Sita Says:

    It gives me great pleasure to see your beautiful samplers.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan Says:

    The brick wall is wonderful. The whole piece is, as is the church in the above message, but I just find that brick was calling out to me. I may have to do something like that on my current round robin project.

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