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Take It Further – February Report #1 – First Thoughts February 2nd, 2008

The Take it Further Febuary Concept is What are you old enough to remember? see Sharon’s post for full details…That is a big question to answer on a tiny post card but that is the challenge.

Take It Further Feb visual journal 01My first thoughts were to identify early memories…

My earliest memory of an international event that I am aware of is man walking on the moon (21st July 1969).

My earliest national event that I remember is when Australia changed our currency from pounds shillings and pence to dollars and cents on the 14th of February 1966.

My earliest local home town event that I remember is the opening of the new Catholic Church, about november 1962, dated and remembered because my sister at a few weeks old was the last baby to be baptized in the old church before it was deconsicrated and used as a hall.

When I rang my mum to ask how old my sister was when baptised, we were talking about functions that had been held in the old church hall and I remembered the Art book that I won as first prize in a painting competition held in the old church hall… the subject of that painting was man walking on the moon, my earliest international memory.

The rest of the page is random thoughts of a past way of life much different to what we know today…

I think that I need to go back and read Sharon’s post again before further filtering these ideas.

3 Responses to “Take It Further – February Report #1 – First Thoughts”

  1. Judy Shaw Says:

    Hi Annie,

    I enjoy your blog, especially the detail of your samplers and your visual journal. I’m very curious as to what you will come up with for the February challenge!

  2. Susan Says:

    I enjoyed reading your list. There were things I had forgotten, like the shoe phone! I remember tv being mostly nothing – lots of dance marathons for polio. I remember fearing that I would get polio and have to live in an iron lung forever. I remember the original Buck Rogers episodes at the theater every Saturday. I remember when cartoons were really cartoons – like Betty Boop and Casper the friendly ghost – and not animated features from Japan. I remember segregation and integration. I remember Sputnik and Echo and watching all the Gemini and other missions before I went to school in the morning. I remember when my home town was half or less the size today, and the tallest building in town had 10 floors. But I’m not doing the challenge. =)

  3. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    I love that you posted a journal page! I couldn’t live without journaling. I journal so much that sometimes I feel that I think in “entries”, rather than thoughts. (lol). Your memories are wonderful, and you have lots to choose from!! Can’t wait to see the great work this will lead to!

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