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Australia Day, My Band Sampler 02 and Repeating TAST – Details 495 to 497 January 26th, 2008

Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussie Readers I hope yo had a lovely day…I spent a quite one watching the cricket and Australian open tennis on TV (I don’t know what is happening to me the older I get the more sports I enjoy watching) and while watching the box I got a few stitches done on my sampler.

My Band Sampler 02

First up I did Fancy Hem Stitch, which I found in one of Sharon’s books a few weeks back, its stitched with #5 cotton pearl thread.

I was then at a loss as to just what stitch to do next with so many to choose from…to give me some direction I decided to repeat TAST, last year I did my TAST stitches on crazy quilt blocks which was a good idea because amongst other projects they helped me get Mum’s Memory Quilt finished…This year I will work the stitches and variations on my sampler so that I will have a record of them all in one place…

TAST week 1 stitch was Herringbone Stitch and the next seam on my sample is the basic herringbone which I worked with #5 cotton pearl thread.

On the bottom row the basic stitch, worked with 2 strands of cotton, is a little wider and is trimmed with short straight stitches worked with pearl 8 cotton crochet thread and French knots worked in a linen thread.

2 Responses to “Australia Day, My Band Sampler 02 and Repeating TAST – Details 495 to 497”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, it was so exciting to see you starting off on this sampler. And now to realize it will be a year long project–wonderful.

  2. susan Says:

    This could almost be a herringbone sampler! =) I love this one. Even the fancy hem stitch looks almost like a herringbone variation.

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