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A Heart from the Past – Details 484 to 489 January 19th, 2008

This year I am aiming at cleaning up and putting everything I have used for a project away before pulling out another…I am also looking for the next pattern I want which requires excursions into unsorted boxes from the past…while I am working towards this aim I will take the opportunity to share another heart from the past, this one made in 1997 is 5.5 inches wide and keeps the embroidery very simple so that it forms a nice background for the featured flower trail and silk ribbon butterfly.

crazy quilted heart made 1997

4 Responses to “A Heart from the Past – Details 484 to 489”

  1. MargB Says:

    I like this one lots

  2. Susan Says:

    The flower trail is very pretty, and the whole heart has an elegant look. My eye keeps going to the seam over the bow – it sort of looks like fencing and cactus to me, and I like it.

  3. Candi Harris Says:

    Your heart is just beautiful!!! I love the colors and the way you directed the design to the flower trail.

  4. Misty Frederick Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting these instructions. I was able to make four hearts over the last few weeks to give as gifts. They’ve been a big hit and i’ve had a great time working on them too. You can see the hearts I’ve posted on my blog at:

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