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Hunting For Jeans August 14th, 2005

When the bags of fun started it brought up memories of the embroidered Jeans from the 1970s…for me they are more than memories because I still have them…From memory I was about 14 when I bought the Jeans, and I can remember hating them, they cost me $3, and looked Cheap, at the time good Jeans cost about $10 , I did understood that my parents couldn’t afford to buy me expensive fashion jeans but understanding didn’t stop a 14 year old hating having to wear Cheap Jeans…when I got some iron on Motifs in a teenage magazine and ironed them onto the Jeans…those iron on motifs, now faded and crumbly were the starting point, I followed them up with other little embroideries until the patches I had added for decoration were joined by patches added for necessity as they had faded and become comfortably warn and become favourite Jeans… I have put larger images and embroidery details into my Flickr album.


When I first joined bags of fun I was thinking that I would do it in a 1970s style but have since thought that isn’t what I want for a new every day use bag….and lots of dangaly beads and clusters of buttons keep coming into my head….but they are not going to be a practical for every day use either…so I am starting to think that I am going to have to make 2 bags, one a new every day bag with minimal embellishment and another very embellished one just for fun…We will have to wait to see wether I opt for the seventies or beads and buttons…

In the meantime I have been hunting under my sons bed for the bag of Jeans that I have kept and collected for making quilts….I think that I have enough for several quilts and lots of bags!!!!


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sharlee on 15 August 2005 at 02:18
I remember buying my first ‘real’ jeans when I was seventeen… They were a pair of Levi’s for $10.00… And I loved them… My father hated them with a passion…Thought they were ‘rough’ and how I liked that image… I also remember going to the Lady Mayoress’s jumble sale at the Lower Town Hall in Melbourne where I bought two second hand jumpers – that also caused quite an arguemnet in my middle class home – this time with my mother… But gee the jumpers looked great with the jeans!!!!! I still have three dresses from those days – I bought them from a shop which was called the ‘In Shoppe’ which is now where DJ’s is across from Myer in Melbourne – these were the days of the late sixties, early seventies – when flower power was at its height… The dresses are long and made of crepe and one was a dark green with a machine embroidered velvet top and cuffs – this one was special to me as it was my going away outfit… My you, the dress outlived than the marraige – but in those days dreams were sweet… I’ll stop now!!!!!!

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