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February 2023
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Box Top – Detail 470 January 3rd, 2008

I have pulled my Box Top out again…A good thing about not working on a project for a long time is that when you come back to it you have fresh ideas and see it through different eyes…

when I was last working on the box top I had a long seam that I wasn’t having any ideas for, I had put a black and gold ric rac along the whole seam but didn’t like it, when I got the box top out again today I immediatly saw what I could do to break the seam up, I unpicked one end of the ric rac and looped it back on itself similar to what I did for detail 424 and sprinkled a scattering of beads along it.

Ric Rac and beads

One Response to “Box Top – Detail 470”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ah, ha! A variation of the ruched one on the stocking. What a great idea. I like the way the beads add color back to the black and gold. How long is this seam?

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