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Part 8 – Quilt Engineering February 12th, 2006

The reason that I have had to Engineer a different way of constructing All that Jazz is because the Project requirements clashed – those requirements being: a neat back, enough tie stitches to support the weight of the blocks and no stitches that I add to be visisble on the front.

A neat back means having the tie stitches at regularly spaced points, as each block is different the corners and points along the joins are the only places that I can do a tie stitch without my stiches showing on the front…that would be a tie stitch ever 8″ but that is not close enough…if I only tied it every 8 inches all the weight of the heavy blocks would be concentrated on 2 points and with no support in the middle the blocks would pull and sag and add extra stress to the tie stitches.

Adding more tie stitches will distribute the weight over a greater area which reduces the weight that each stitch has to support which in turn will reduse the stress on each stitch…but more stitches means a messy back, more so because some blocks need more stitching than others to support there weight.

Enough stitches to support the weight of the quilt means a messy back and I want a neat back…Ummmm what about…

…What about having 2 backs…A light weight back that can be messy because it will be covered by the real back which will be neat because it will only need to ne tied at the corners of the blocks…Time for another shopping trip…

I purchased Muslin (Calico in the USA), a light weight cotton fabric, for the messy back and A wool/cotton blend batting.

I taped the muslin to my table, Layed the batting on top of it and layed the quilt on top of the batting forming the quilt sandwich.

quilt sandwich

It is still on my table being stitched and I have to finish it before I can move it to photograph and explain what I have done…

2 Responses to “Part 8 – Quilt Engineering”

  1. Marty52 Says:

    Ooooo…. good idea! This must be a really heavy quilt with all that embellishment on it. Two layers for the back will make it so nice and stable and yet still pretty on the back. Bravo!!

    Thanks again for all the information and WORK… :0)

  2. Quilting Queen Says:

    this is just beautiful. Again, thank you for the pictures so we can see it step by step and in detail.

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