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Part 7 – More about attaching borders February 10th, 2006

Before pinning the top and bottom borders I check that the side borders are square at the ends…you may have noticed that I do a lot of checking of measuremnets and angles, that is because I like the accuracy and it is easier to check and get it right the first time than it is to unpick and resew.

checking that border is square

Position the border on the quilt right sides together and when pinning work from the centre out towards the ends…When looking at the photos in my last post you may have noticed that as well as the guideline for the border I also marked the stitching line on the back of the lining, I have marked the stitching line because the quilt is now very heavy, even with the ironing board supporting the weight, it pulls and gets caught making the guide on the sewing machine difficult to follow and as the lining is easy to draw on it becomes easier to stitch along a marked line.

stitching line marked on lining

Detail of the corner with the lining and first border on.

the corner

And so All that Jazz has its first border.

quilt with the first border

*At this stage I again deviated from what I would Normally do…Normally I would add the remaining border, stitching the sides on first and then the top and bottom…with the quilt top finished I spread out the backing the batting and the quilt top to make the quilt sandwich…And then to hold the layers together, I stitch through beads and hide stitches under embellishments….works for me on my quilts but on the back the stitches are randomly placed and the back is not pretty and all that Jazz deserves a pretty back.

I also have the problem of the weight differential with heavily embellished blocks being next to lightly embellsihed blocks….When I was telling my sister why I was constructing it the way I am, I was talking about weight bearing seams and stress points and she said that it sounded like I was a Quilt Engineer, I thought that it sounded like a good title so next post will be Part 8 – Quilt Engineering…

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