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By the light of a Silvery Moon, Red Moon eclipse – Details 395 and 396 September 4th, 2007

My second page of visual journal ideas has led me off in a different direction for tonights shishas…When I am putting down ideas in my visual journal, I make a note of anything that crosses my mind, I then look at each idea, ask myself can it be done? How? Some ideas are undoable but it is always worth thinking about because sometimes what might be a problem does have a solution and when it does…

More shisha ideas in visual journal

Dragon framed by a silvery MoonWhen I got to the witch flying in front of the moon, the problem was How do I attach a charm to the shisha…I would need to have something to stitch it to, something that wouldn’t block the mirror, something like the fine net that some laces are made on…Tulle would be worth an experiment…I have used a miniature dragon because I didn’t have a witch charm and it worked, I had a solution…

…When the problem does have a Solution it can be very exciting because it can open the way for other possiblities…If I can cover the shisha with Tulle, what else could I cover it with?…Organza…It works too and below is a red moon memory of the luna eclipse last week…and there are a few more ideas that are percolating through my brain.

red moon of a luna eclipse

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  1. Susan Says:

    Both of those are great looks. I would never have thought of trying the organza ribbon, but it definitely makes a great eclipse look – which I missed, even though I stayed up all night to see it. We had clouds that never did go away! Glad you got a look, though!

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