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A Cluster of Shishas – Detail 394 September 3rd, 2007

Clusters are a good way to experiment with shishas….They allow you to play with different threads, shapes and design ideas…CrazyQstitcher has blogged a lovely cluster of shishas that not only shows how different threads stitch up differently but also shows a variety of the different objects that can be used…and my cluster, for which I have used only a DMC varigated #5 cotton perle thread, shows a variety of different ways to attach the shisha and different stitches that can be used to surround and decorate the shisha.

a cluster of Shishas

The first of the shishas in this line was anchored to the fabric from Sharon B’s instructions with the surrounding stitching done from my instructions with the stitches spaced out to create a lacey look.

The second and third shishas were already on the fabric, the second one has very close surrounding stitches and is surrounded by Colonial knots the surrounding stitches on the third shisha are not as widley spaced as #1 nor as close together as #2

big shisha with up and down buttonholeThe 4th shisha is a 1.25 inch diameter mirror that Sharon B gave me to play with….I used its size to experiment with embroidering on top of the shisha, after anchoring and stitching around it I used the surrounding stitches as a base for a row of Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch which I chose because of the loop that the thread makes between the stitches.

shisha anchored with a starI anchored the last shisha with a Star which holds the shisha in place so the surrounding stitches don’t have to attach to the shisha, it is there to soften/protect the edge of the shisha. I surrounded it with a row of Portuguese stem stitch but it was a thick mirror and the first row wasn’t deep enough so I did a second row of Portuguese stem stitch on top of the first row.

7 Responses to “A Cluster of Shishas – Detail 394”

  1. Nina in Norway Says:

    These are very nice. They look great. Nice work.
    Love your stockings as vell. Smart move, starting early.

  2. Maureen Bond Says:

    Thanks for the stitch descriptions Annie. Each is great and I am itching to try the Up and Down Buttonhole and Portugese stitch designs. My eye fooled me to thinking your Colonial knots were a different stitch and one that looped through the existing shisha framework. They look fabulous. I have objects that would defy a normal frame but now I know how to hold them down with the star. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, you’ve almost convinced me that I must learn how to make colonial knots. I just love these examples.

  4. Out, about and guitar picks « Quieter Moments Says:

    […] The highlight of my week was seeing the start up JoWynn Johns blog at Parkview 616. I’ve been busily reading her excellent essays as well as seeing her beautiful embroidery. She has done a lovely tree using various stitches to attach the shishas. Annie at Annies Crazy World has some wonderful and informative posts on this subject as well starting with her August 31 post and going through today’s post. And in this post she also points on to another example of more good work with shishas. And there is so much more good work on this stitch that I wish I could highlight all that I saw this week. […]

  5. corina Says:

    A lot of great ideas Annie, thank you!

  6. Dy Says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many wonderful ways to attach a shisha mirror, thanks for the explanation. Your photos are gorgeous.

  7. Susan Says:

    I love the up and down one, as well as the one with Colonial knots. They all look so nice together!

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