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So Far, So Good August 3rd, 2007

Tomorrow is quilt hand in day for the Canberra Quilters Exhibition, deadline for delivery 6pm..Ummm I think that I might be up all night finishing it but so far so good…I have been a bit apprehensive as to wether I would be able to make the frame seperate like I want to, over the last couple of weeks I have made it in my head a dozen different ways and it wasn’t till I cut the fabric this afternoon that I decided just how I should go about doing it and it has gone together better than I had even hoped.

I have marked the width of the frame on the back and the next thing to do is to lay the quilt face down with the edges matching the marked line and then fold the frame to the back and stitch it down…I will then quilt straight lines on the frame to make it look moulded…and then if time allows I will make fancy shaped moulded corners, if I do run out of time I can add the moulded corners after the exhibition.

Frame ready for the quilt?

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