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TAST Week 24 French Knots – Details 295 to 297 June 18th, 2007

Bon Fire and fireworksLast week was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend which is cracker night in states that still allow fireworks to be sold but the fireworks sold today are nothing like the crackers of our childhood…Each year my uncle would build a 6 foot high bon fire in the cow paddock next to his house where several familys congregated, each bringing a box of crackers, we would dress in our little great coats and walk around the corner for what was one of the best nights of the year…

French Knots,This weeks TAST stitch combined with tiny straight stitches done in metalic thread make perfect fireworks.

The Bon Fire is straight stitches done with black, grey and red silk ribbon and black, red and gold metalic threads.

I have also used french knots to start the embroidery on the seam across the middle of the 4th unit of 4 blocks.

join 14

For the first part of this seam a couched green silk ribbon with pink silk ribbon French Knots.

green silk ribbon couched with pink french knots

the next part of the seam is a narrow herringbone stitch done on one side of the seam, on the other side of the seam I did french knots on the herringbone, this is very subtle in that the french knots are barely visisble but the addition of the french knots anchored the herringbone to the other side of the seam.

herringbone and french knots

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    The fireworks are perfect, Annie. I didn’t have to read the text to know that there was a fireworks celebration going on.

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