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August 2022
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Fireworks on Fabric December 6th, 2005

It is my Katrina block…when I finished piecing it last night I liked the block but the zig zig fabric is very dominant and being a big patch in the centre is going to hard to work around…actually I think I was more annoyed with myself then anything as I had layed the fabrics out, thought the pink was to much so swappd it for the music print, that was to dull so I put a smaller piece of the pink back in with the music and liked it but then when I pieced the block I managed to get a big patch of the pink.

fabric test 1fabric test 2fabric test 3

I wanted to make another block with a different centre but had no idea of what I could replace the pink with, besides there is no time to be making another one, so this morning I gave myself the reality check lecture, I would just have to make it work…but how, I was having no ideas of what embellishments to do, for inspiration I looked at images on the web and there was a few good ones but copyright prevents me using them…while procrastinating about embellishments I decided that there needed to be a bigger piece of the firework fabric and I stitched a bigger bit on, looked at it and thought that maybe I shouldn’t have done that but it was too late, what to do…make a feature of the fireworks…

pieced katrina block

I love fireworks and how they light up the sky in celebration…I think I had been lacking ideas because I was thinking Jazz but I am tone deaf, enjoy music sometimes but prefer silence, I know very little about jazz or any other music so had nothing to relate to…fireworks I could relate to and once I had a start a few more ideas followed…I was sketching them into my visual journal when they started talking about stage coaches on the radio and I thought that a stage couch would be a good symble to indicate that New Orleans has had a long history…Once again I have let time slip and I am going to be pushed to get the block done on time but that is the story of my life, my creativity is stimulated by dead lines…at least I now have a few ideas to go on with.

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  1. Bernardo Says:

    Wow…such beautiful fabric and I love seeing the creative process. I love your new blog home too! Very spiffy! *-) Happy New Year!

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