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It is Nice to have friends May 19th, 2004

It is nice to have friends that encourage you and give you a nudge when you need it…Tonight my dear friend told me that it was time to start my blog, now when I can learn how it works and get in the swing of writing Before I travel to England on the Ist of June…Thank you Sharon…I have Started.

For the last 25 years I have been Mum to my 2 children, carer for my disabled daughter and for 24 of those years I have also been a Quilter…they have been long hard years, years when I was often heard to say ‘that being a crazy quilter saved my sanity’ somehow sitting stitching balanced the chaos and termoil that surrounded me. You can see some of my sanity saving quilts on my website ….Those years are a story unto themselves, I do mention them here because they are what has made me who I am, have strengthened me as a person and are the backgound that makes this year so very Wonderful.

This year began with a quilting Frenzie, at the end of November I designed and started making a quilt for the Singer sewing machines Nostolgic Blocks Contest and the quilt, which I called Another World, it was very exciting to make and took over My life until I finished it on the first of Febuary (one of the few times in my life that I have finished anything well ahead of deadline)

In the meantime, just to set the seen, my car was run into on new years eve, a friend had it while I was out of town, the driver that hit him took off leaving my car a right off….and my computer went on the blink, an intermitant fault so sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, very frustrating but I persisted with it until some weeks later it just stopped working forever, fortunatly I had recent backups so did not lose to much stuff and kind friend set me up with a new computer system…whilst without car or computer I was starting to feel bitter and twisted but I heard on the radio that optamists live an average 7 1/2 years longer than pesamists, So I have to remain an optamist…also found it interesting to realize that I can live without a car easier than I can live without a computer…

On Tuesday 13 April I had a visit from a friend who I have known since college Days, He has been working in England for the last 3 years and is here for a holiday before going back….He knows the family history and I was telling him my tail of woe, no car, no computer when he said to me that I need a holiday why don’t I go and visit him in England for the summer…yea I said, In my dreams, it costs money…Not a problem he says….whilst I sat there assimilating that he was offering me a trip to England and picking my jaw up of the ground, my sister was sitting on the other side of the table telling me to say yes but could I get away, there is DD to think of and I am coordinator of the canberra quilters Exhibition roster and coordinator for a crazy quilt retreat in October, and, and…my sister tells me to Just say Yes…at which point I came to my sences and said YES PLEASE…I now have a passport and a ticket and I am going to England on the 1st July for 8 whole weeks….A DREAM come true, I am so EXCITED and did I tell you that it is Nice to have friends…

…As it turns out my buts took care of themselves…regarding DD I had already realized that she was ready for the next stage of her development and had recently contacted ACT Therapy to find out what supported independant living may be available to her, they are going to supply a support worker for her and it will be a good chance to do an independant assessment of her capabilities…as for the roster I will be back in time to do the final allocations and I found a willing volunteer to be enquries contact and do the stuff that needs doing while I am away….likewise for the retreat, friends have volunteered to cover for me while I am away and with such wonderful backup I have been able to get everything very up to date and organized so that it will run smoothly, it is amazing what can be achieved when the incentive is great enough….

…And if life wasn’t good enough, 3 days later on Friday 16 April, I got the news that Another World had won the Singer quilt Competition…Another DREAM come true and if I wasn’t already on cload nine, I am now….

And that is life in Annie’s Crazy World on this the first Day of Annie’s Blogging life…The other thing that you will quickly learn about Annie is that she is a night owl….Annie signing off and heading for bed at 4.20am……

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  1. Susan Says:

    Wow, Annie, what an interesting beginning to your blog! I haven’t read all the in between posts of course, so how is your daughter doing?

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