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How do you know when a crazy quilt block is finished? April 18th, 2007

How do you know when a crazy quilt block is finished? A Frequently asked question…most common answer is that the block will tell you…I will add to that, that sometimes it is helpfull to get a second opinion.

When I finished embroidering the seams on this block I expected to add several embellishments but after adding the button cluster I placed a few charms but could see no where else that needed further embellishment…the block was telling me that it was finished but with so few embellishments I didn’t beleive it till I got a second opinion. I asked Sharon when I visited her for a sewing afternoon and she agreed that it was finished…I used to add embellishments to a block as I thought of them, often keeping seam stitches low key and then putting embellishments over them, this year I have been thinking seam treatments and because my seams are becoming fancier they read on the block as embellishments which is why the block is finished sooner than I expected.

The charms I added are a teapot, a moon, a heart, a dragonfly and there is a tiny butterfly bead hiding in the lace.

teapot charm Moon Charm Heart Charm

Dragonfly charm Butterfly Charm

And Here is the Finished Block

Finished Block

One Response to “How do you know when a crazy quilt block is finished?”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, it’s lovely! It’s fascinating to me how so many details are drawn together to make up one unified piece.

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