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What Next? August 5th, 2007

What does one do next when they finish a major project? well today I slept in, spent a bit of time in the garden and a lot of time curled up in bed with the new Harry Potter book.

When I was speculating what next with Sharon a few weeks ago before I could finish the question she answered it with The Diamond Quilt, A Quilt that we both planned on making after seeing a Diamond Quilt made by Martha Bingley in 1889, at an exhibition of Old Australian quilts a few years ago…Readers of Sharon’s blog will have seen her Diamond Blocks and she has been pestering me to get mine started too…

But before I start that One I think I should finish my Box Top …and to do that I have got to find all the bits for it…to do that I have to get a bit organized…which I think starts with putting away the leftovers from mum’s quilt…Most of the time that I have been making mum’s quilt I have been reasonably good at keeping the things for it relatively tidy but in the last couple of weeks the house has taken on the distinctive look of a looming deadline, that is an untidy look but characterized by the piles of bits that have not been put away…I have been stitching in the loung because the heating is better than in my studio so everything I have carried up there in the last couple of weeks is still there, below is the chair beside where I sit and sew…guess what I am doing tomorrow…and then there is emails etc that I have to catch up with

The look of a looming deadline

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  1. Susan Says:

    I was wondering what you would work on next. That’s a great chair. Just picturing you sitting on the floor to work, while all your stuff is in the chair. =)

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