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Life gets in the way November 24th, 2005

Well I was sitting here one night over a week ago sorting out images showing the detail of the charms on my bag but because of the curve of the bag and the dimensions it was difficult to select images that showed the hidden details and took me longer than I thought it would and before I got back to them the next day I hurt my back which has immobalized me for nearly a week…life does get in the way sometimes, I was just glad that I had finished my bag before my back went…it still hurts but it is on the mend and I can move again and have been able to sit at the computer for long enough to finish selecting images of the details…I ended up with 18 images and have put them up in three pages.
Charms page 1,
Charms page 2
and Charms page 3

When I have caught up on a few other tasks I will come back and add descriptions beside each image but before I do those of you who like playing games may like to go through them and see if you can count how many Charms I did use?…And because I would be interested in feedback as to how much detail is clear in the photos and how what you see is interpretted I will send a squishy to the person that sends me the most comprehensive list of the charms I have used…For my count I defined charm as anything that I stitched on other than flowers and leaves….send your list to before 5th Dec so that I can post the squishy on Mon 7th Dec so that it should reach the winner before christmas.

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