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October 2019
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A quick fix – details 143 & 144 February 6th, 2007

herringbone/twisted detrached chain

The above seam court my eye when I was looking at my second Quilt ‘Butterflies” it is a combination of herringbone stitch and twisted detached chain stitch…I chose a seam on my box top for it but it needed more so I did another row of twisted chain along one side…I really like the pattern it created but it wasn’t blending the seam in like I wanted it to, I think the mistake I made was choosing a matt thread when I actually needed a metalic thread for what I wanted…Ahhh that was the problem…

another interpretation

before fix…I didn’t choose a metalic thread because I didn’t want any more metalic because I don’t like the metalic patch, when I realized what the problem was the Fix was easy, I unpicked the seam and covered the patch with a new fabric…appliqueing a patch over the seam is a quick, effective way of breaking up long seams.

After fix

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