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June 2020
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The Charming Garden November 10th, 2005

I made a Guitar Strap by sticking silk ribbon to the back of the guitar with clear nail polish and tied it to tiny teddy so that he could play his golden guitar by the pond…I stitched him in place and wasn’t sure whether I liked him or not, he looks fine in this photo but he didn’t fit the bigger picture so when the nail polish failed and the strap came unstuck it was any easy decision to take him off.

here last night

I will put up photos of the other charms on the weekend…In the meantime I have done the lining for the fly pocket…

Fly Pocket

seam on bag

And stitched the back seam, it is the middle on of the 3 in the Photo. I was a bit concerned that the seam would be very bulky with all the layers but I did a variation of a flat fell seam and it has gone together very neatly.

I added another bush to cover the end of the wall and some of the seam and a few gold lfowers will finish it off

And then it should have been time to stitch the base on…but I was led astray or maybe I should say that I was led up the garden path…I visited Sharon and she actively encouraged me to add a few more charms… When I got home I couldn’t help poking in Boxes to see if I could find any that I had missed the first time…and to my delight I found several little stashes lurking in brown paper bags as well I thought of places to put a couple that I had rejected first time round, my son Sam who has named my bag The Charming Garden, helped me reduce 90 odd extra charms back to about 15 which I now have to sew on…tomorrow

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