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Spot the difference November 2nd, 2005

This afternoon I was stitching with Sharon Who did think up this challenge? sitching on denium is crazy, I have a sore index finger from yanking the needle through and now I have a hole in my middle finger…mind you I will thank her next week when it is finished and my fingers have healed because I do love how my bag is developing…


and what I spent the afternoon doing is unpicking a flower to move it down just 1 cm…I hesitated before making the change becuase I am running out of time but I am glad that I did, in the higher position it was next to the wistera and looked To Big…in its new postion it looks like it is in front of the wistera and so the scale looks right and it creates a better line, bringing the eye down into the picture.

bottom right corner

I have added a bit more to the Garden in the bottom right corner.

and I have learnt how to put text beside photos.


Some reeds around the pond and the background is done and it is time to add charms…below are some that my son Sam has painted for me.

And Below

charms 01
Carms 02
Charms 03
Charms 04

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  1. pat winter Says:

    These are so cute! Love the mermaid. The jeans purse is nice. Thanks for sharing.

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