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June 2024
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How Much is Enough? October 25th, 2005

How Much is enough? How do you know when to stop? commonly asked crazy quilt questions that have no one answer as the answer for each project is different depending on such things as what funtion the project is for, how difficult the stitching (denium is tough and hard on the hands to stitch), how much time you have and the personal likes of the maker and who the project is for (some people like a no fuss look, for others the more detail the better).

I was asking myself this question last night when I was adding flowers to the garden…In the wee small hours of this morning I decided that enough was enough…the more detail I put on this side the more I have to put on the other side to Balance it and the denim is tough to sew and I am running out of time and…and I still have insects and birds and little creatures and Fairys to add…Yes there is enough flowers in the Garden.

enough flowers

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