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Embellished Applique October 24th, 2005

Yesterday I was wandering how I could describe the techniques that I am using to make my bag..Although I am using crazy quilt embellishments and I will draw heavily on my crazy quilt stash before it is finished, it is Not Crazy quilting….I am am adding embroidered detail but not enough to call it an embroidery…Thus far it is more applique than anything else, applique was the first quilting technique that I learnt, I used to do detailed picture applique and this has reminded me of those works but with all the beads and charms that I will add what I am doing goes beyond applique…after thinking through all these elements I decided that I would call it “Embellished applique”…

While I was writing the above I had the camera batteries recharging so that I could show you the stitching progress….I got a little carried away with the rocks and they not only surround the pond, they also line the path. the rocks at the front are padded the ones at the back aren’t and a lot of the rocks are only partially pieced on so that they have little pockets/caves for me to slip things behind the rocks…I have also done a test paint on a scrape of denim and am thinking that I will paint the path on, I was going to applique pathing stones but I am feeling as if I want a change of texture and a painted path will do that…

Rock works

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