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Day 93 – Stumpwork Sampler – Needlelace September 21st, 2006

Needlelace Sample

The basics of doing needlelace are to have a base to draw the pattern and work on, in my sample I have calico stretched into a small hoop with the pattern drawn on tracing paper. Thread or wire is couched to the pattern outline, I use a bright contrasting thread for the couching so that it is easy to see when it is removed at the end…The area inside the couched threads is filled with Buttonhole filling stitches which are done done on the surface, in my sample I still have the top right portion to fill…when the area is filled the couching thread is removed leaving you with a free standing piece of lace.

Tonights Detail is some of the many Buttonhole filling patterns used for needlelace.

Stumpwork Sampler strip 5 needlelace

Stumpwork Sampler strip 5 needlelace key

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  1. Marty52 Says:

    These are lovely, Annie. I think I’ll print out each of these posts to keep around… such good info!

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