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Day 74 – Wedding Report September 2nd, 2006

Originally Blogged 20 May 2005

My Son zig zagging the seams
The dress was nearly finished before I left, with a little help I had the skirt in one piece, the godets had stitched in perfectly and on the right is a photo of my son zig-zagging the seams while I cut out the lining for the top which I got stitched in so that all I had to do was stitch the side seams and attach the skirt, problem was that I had lost the measurement for how wide I needed the arm hole and there was nobody else awake at that time to redo them for me.

My flight from Canberra to Newcastle was a bit novel as I flew from Canberra up to Brisbane where I waited 2 hours before flying down to Newcastle, for those of you that are not familiar with Australia that is about 2,000 kilometres of flying to finish about 400 km from where I started.

Front of Dress
With assistance to pin the side seams it didn’t take me long to finish the dress…When we got the 2 dresses together they were similar but not the same, The bride had cut her crazy quilted panel wider than I had and my neckline, even after I had made it higher, was still lower than hers.

It was to be a garden wedding but we had to go to plan Z and decorate inside when it turned out to be a rainy day. We draped the curtain lace that was to decorate the arch around the lounge room window in much the same way as it was going to go on the arch and decorated it with bunches of cream and dark red roses we made from wide paper ribbon…initially it was disappointing that it rained, particularly when people in other parts of oz have forgotten what rain is, it is so long since they have seen it, but the decorated window looked lovely and made a nice backdrop for the service and being inside was cosy and somehow seemed to make everyone very friendly so that guests that didn’t know each other when they arrived fell into easy conversation with each other, another thing that contributed to the friendly atmosphere was that it was a self catered wedding with guests bringing a plate instead of a present, there was many willing helpers to put the food out on the tables and to clean it away after the meal and they all said that they had enjoyed being apart of the wedding….(*note for non Australian readers, when we are asked to take ‘a plate’ to a function it is implied that there will be food on the plate…and it was a lovely variety of food that was laid out on the table).

A friend who is a hairdresser did our hair and makeup and we did look beautiful…see new photo in my side bar.

The unfortunate thing about the rain making it an indoor wedding is that the lighting was dim and it was crowded making photos hard to get back far enough to take photos and I don’t think that we got a good full view photo of us wearing the dresses…Ooops, when I get to see all the photos I will choose the best of them to show you and I am going to visit Sharon on the weekend and get her to take a full shot photo in daylight hours…In the meantime here is the finished front Panel and I Have put a large image of it on Flickr. Thank you to all who have sent me comments today it is lovely to know that you have all enjoyed the making of my dress…

Originally Blogged on 23 May 2005 – Loose Ends and A Good Laugh

When I told my sister this tale she cracked up laughing and said that I had to blog it…

So let me set the scene…Sunday afternoon, the mission was to get a good photo of the Bridesmaid dress and I organized for my sister to do my makeup, my niece to do my hair and for Sharon to take the photos…I had a disorganized morning and wasn’t ready when my sister and niece arrived so they had a cup of tea while I had a shower…when I came down after my shower my sister had her first laugh as I had put on the undergarments and then pulled on purple tracky pants, yellow ankle socks to protect the stockings and red walking shoes and with it a pretty floral top which I had chosen because I didn’t want a garment that I had to pull off over the hair, it was a funny look….I gathered up makeup, hairbrush, hairbands and bobby pins, my sister did my makeup with instructions for touching up the lipstick and then my niece did my hair managing to get a resonable copy of the style that it was done in for the wedding…I like how it shows off all the different colours in my hair.

Back of my Hair Front of my Hair

With hair and makeup done I packed up the dress and shoes and drove over to Sharon’s…in the car on the way over I noticed that I had forgotten to paint the 3 fingernails that I had removed the polish from, must remember to hold my hands behind my back…by the time I got to sharon’s there wasn’t much light time left so I slipped the dress and shoes on straight away and we went outside, I tried the postion of the sun limited where we could take them but there was a nice spot out the back and Sharon checked the surrounds so that the lights wouldn’t be coming out of my head etc and took about 20 photos….and If I didn’t told you that the nails should have been dark red and that I forgot to put the earings on you probably wouldn’t notice…you probably wouldn’t even notice that I forgot to touch up the lipstick….and the photo probably even looks OK to you….but

…but I can’t look at it without laughing because when doing my hair my sister had put bobby pins in to hold the curls that were to fall softly down the side of my face…and I, ditze that I am, forgot to take the bobby pins out….Sometimes I do wonder about myself…hope that you have all had a good laugh too…

The Wedding Party

Photo of the bride and groom…Jan and Bob

And the wedding report finsihs the details on My Brides Maids Dress.

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  1. allison aller Says:

    What a saga! Have enjoyed it all, and it came out smashing.
    Loved your hair, too….!

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