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Day 68 – Embroidering the seams on the Dress Front August 27th, 2006

Originally blogged 23rd April 2005

straight stitch with bead

This seam is straight stitches with a bead on each stitch, the beads run along the stitches so it is a fun stitch to play with…I had called this seam finished but keep looking at it thinking that it isn’t integrated into the patch above, I think 2 lines of chain stitch along the lace side of the seam will pull it together…

feather stitch with button hole

Feather stitch trimmed with buttonhole stitch flowers.

braid with a twist

I stitched this braid straight along the seam and was adding colonial knots along the edge but I didn’t like it, so I took it off and put it back on with a twist in the braid….I don’t normally take stitches out but I am having trouble with this front piece because it doesn’t have many seams and several of the ones it does have are long straight seams and doing things like putting the twist in the braid help to break the long lines up and lead the eye to other parts of the block…..I plan to put beads in amongst the twist and dribble them down the patch below.


The bottom seam is a lovely piece of lace that has a lovely variegation of colour from one end to the other, I will add beads in the centre of the flowers and think that I will put a little flower above the lace midway between each flower…The top seam is 2 slightly offset rows of Cretan stitch to which I will add a stitch or a bead to the points….And the fabric between the seams, it is an organza and the gold is like tiny beads on the surface, loved it on the bolt, love it as a piece of fabric but as a patch the gold lines stopping suddenly at the seam annoyed me, I put the flowers over the end and I like the way they looked but the gold was to long for stems, more lace flowers lower on the stems solved the visual problem that I was having with the fabric.

And I have bought the fabric to make the rest of the dress…It is Silk Duponi in a Dark red/Burgundy colour that looks different in different lights.

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