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Back to My Bag October 15th, 2005

When I started my Bag I got very excited and had more ideas than I had space on the bag or time to stitch…and now having let several weeks slip by without touching it I have even less time…Time now for a reality check…..I picked it up last week and decided that the first thing to do was to get the background layer in place and I have stitched the first wall into place, I stitched the top of the pocket to the back of the wall before stitching the sides and bottom,so that The pocket is still functional.

stitching wall to pocket

I saved time by only stitching the bricks that will be visible to the second wall.

wall before flowers

And I have started covering it with plants and flowers cut from fabric and appliqued on.

background flowers

Aside a lack of time I had been having problems marrying my embellishments to the structure of the Jeans…the wall had to go up where it covers the pockets and because the fly in the centre interrupted my design I have postioned the wall so that the fly is partially covered and the gap for the gate so that it draws the eye away from the fly, my problem being that If I am covering the features of the Jeans I might as well not use Jeans to start with? but it was the love of Jeans that excited me about the bags of fun in the first place…Yesturday I had a light bulb moment that actually solved both problems…I won’t embellish the Back which will save time and by leaving the back looking like Jeans I can let the embellishments flow a little way around to the back taking the eye onto the Jeans and then the jeans will flow back into the embellishments as the loops of the Jeans and the button will say Jeans and the cloads under the loops flow down into my embellishment.

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