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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
October 2023
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Day 22 Wednesday July 12th, 2006

reducing sizes of beads

For this embellishment I look for beads that increase gradually in size, in this arrangement the 2 smallest spots are Colonial Knots worked with gold metalic thread and the largest one is a bell…

This is a good embellishment for leading the eye from one patch into the next patch of your block.

I wanted the bell to be able to move freely so I made it a hanger from twisted ribbon.

thread bell onto ribbon and twist

Choose a narrow ribbon, either Silk or Satin, cut a length a bit more than twice the required finished length, thread bell or other dangley bead onto the ribbon and twist the ribbon untill its starts to twist back on itself…Use your third hand to hold the bell in the middle while you bring the 2 ends of the ribbon together…Let go of the bell…

and twist

The ribbon will twist around itself…Stitch or pin the raw ends together so that it doesn’t untwist when you let them go.

8\" Christmas Stocking

This is the only embellishment that I am going to detail from this little Christmas Stocking…I made this stocking, with simple embellishments, as a sample for a class to show that you don’t need to know a lot neither do you have to spend a lot of time, to be able to make a lovely Christmas stocking…
I have put an Actual size image of this 8 inch high Stocking on flicka so that you can see the rest of the embellishments.

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  1. allison aller Says:

    I love the effect of the graduated sizes; clever using that French knot, too.
    Now, where can I find a third hand? 😉

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