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My Band Sampler 200 – Detail 1054 – Rockwiz, A Night to Remember March 26th, 2010

Rockwiz - A Night to Remember

Rockwiz is a Rock Music Trivia Quiz produced by SBS TV, you can watch episodes here…Rockwiz is currently doing a National Tour of Live Shows and we had tickets to last Friday’s Show in Canberra…It was a fabulous show…For the quiz they have 2 teams, each team has an invited guest and 2 audience members, the audience members are selected by quizing 24 audience members (who got wild cards) and the 4 answering the most questions are in the show…I have explained the process so that you can understand why it was an extra special night for us as a family, my daughter has a huge musical knowledge and was absolutly thrilled to get a wild card to be one of the 24 and after all the problems that she has overcome in her life we her family where thrilled to see her confidently buzzing in and answering questions correctly, she didn’t make the final 4 but that didn’t matter, just having the experience made it a night to remember for us all.

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