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My Band Sampler 191 – Details 1016 to 1021 – and My Box Top sees the light of day again March 2nd, 2010

box top in progress

Box for my crazy quilted box top

I have pulled my box top out again and am aiming to do at least one seam a month which means that it could be done by the end of the year

meant to be Thorn stitch

It was meant to be Thorn Stitch (a variation of feather stitch) but as I got near to the end of the seam I looked at the instructions again and found that I had been doing something different….

And so to my sampler, the first thing to notice is the change of colour, I have decided to change the colour every month with the alternate months being different colours.

the top band is the stitch as I did it on my boxtop

the second band is how i reinterpereted the instructions

but still it didn’t look like the picture, another look at the instructions from which band 3 was done.

the instructions I was following where some I had printed at a very small size (to make them handy to carry in my sewing box), me thinks now that they were to small, after referring back to the full size intructions the 4th band is Thorn Stitch.

What did I learn from this stitch?…I learnt that miss reading instructions can be a good way to come up with different stitch variations.

Thorn stitch

the short seam on the left is raised band feather stitch.

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