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January 2009
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My Band Sampler 132 – Details 827 to 829 – Old News from November January 5th, 2009

sampler november eventsPainted Birthday Cake charm

Firstly I have found and Painted a Birthday Cake charm to put with the Birthday section.

The events on this section of my sampler are from November…The Remembrance day Poppy is bordering on being to big to use but my son gave it to me for my sampler and I like that he takes an interest in it so I used it (and OOps, spell check has just pointed out to me that I have misspelled remembrance, not sure how I will fix that one, might just leave it because those that know me know that I can’t spell or I could put a red slash through it like the teachers put all through my school books).

The third event on this section is in memory of a lovely day I spent with friends visiting the Japanese Garden at Cowra as well as the vast garden they have a display of other things Japanese amongst them a collection of Dolls, simple shapes with so much personality, I fell in love with them…

Miniature Kokeshi Dolls

Because the shapes are so simple I thought that it may be possible to make a tiny one, I found some cylindrical shaped wooden beads and used a craft knife and sand paper to shape them and then my sister painted them and used beads to shape the hair, I photographed them standing on a cotton reel to give an idea of there size, aren’t they just so cute.

Japanese Dolls at Japanese garden at Cowra