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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
November 2008
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Twin Stockings_14 and My Band Sampler 123 – Details 805 and 807 November 3rd, 2008

Top of greenest stocking

For the tops of the twin stockings I have the same ribbon in 2 colours…choosing which stocking to put which colour on was easy the green ribbon definitely looked better on one, the red definitely looked better on the other…I scattered the star beads along the top of the green one and was going to do the same on the red one but I only had a few stars left, went looking for what else I could use and found the little bells, I did also find more star beads but by then I preferred the bells both because I liked the way they looked and because they really help to make the top of the stockings look very different…I have only tacked the bells on for the photo and will stitch them on permanently after I have embroidered the name on the top.

Top of reddest stocking

Tops of stockings on sampler