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October 2008
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My Band Sampler 109 – Panel 5 Finished October 2nd, 2008

Sampler Panel #5

How I stitched the tag charms to the edge of samplerTo the right is the 5th finished panel of my Band Sampler.

The Heart tag for Le Tour

Last Month I mentioned adding charms down the side of the sampler, I stitched them on with silk ribbon which I threaded under the binding on the back and over the binding on the front so that the charms can sit at the edge or in front of the binding.

Sampler Tag #5 globe Tag 04 and 08 Chinese coin tagsI added the red heart for Le Tour De France because Hearts were the 2008 theme.

Chinese Coins tag both the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Globe for the Stitch Along because it is a world wide web group.

A Broken brooch came in handy to tag My Fair Lady.

And for Spring a spring which my son wound for me from silver wire.

Sampler tag #6 blue hat Sampler tag #7 Spring

A leaf tag for autumnSnow flake tagI have also added 2 charms to the prior panels, a leaf for Autumn and a snow flake for winter, so that I can track the seasons from the beginning.

Below is a composite image of all 5 panels, total length now is 17 feet 4 inches and to help show my sampler in perspective I have also taken an image of the rolled sampler.

All 5 panels of my band samplerBand Sampler roll

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