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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
October 2005
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A cutting or 2 October 11th, 2005

On Sunday I visited Sharon, who has been working in the Garden and left with a boot (car trunk) full of cuttings which I spent this morning putting into pots.

OOOPs October 11th, 2005

I forgot to change links between website and blog…I have made changes to links in this blog but those on the website will have to wait till I make a few other changes that I am wanting to make…my apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this.

Convict Brick…Reply to Linda’s comment…would you like a Canberra Brick, you can have one but you will have to collect it because I am not posting one. lol…I also have a few much treasured Convict Bricks with a pretzel stamped on them…they where under a house a bought in Brisbane, the removalist guys didn’t know what to make of me when they were about to shut the truck doors and I asked them to put the 10 bricks bricks from under the house in….and you will notice that the beautiful bright background has changed, I damaged the other theme template when I was trying to put the statcounter in another OOOpppps.

I Have Moved October 8th, 2005

September turned out to be a buzy month…amongst other things I now have Broadband, an updated computer system, my own domain name and a new hosting server with lots of MB space to expand my website.

Choosing a Domain Name was interesting, evidently a hard task at the best of times, I made it harder because I was wanting to choose a name that both my son and I could work under…he is just starting a small business making chain and chainmail jewellery, he suggested but that was already taken as was every name that included the words creative and design and any name with Chain in it did sound Pornish. Sharon was helping me and suggested that we might have to think of something humourous and a short time later said “what about Loopy Lace” Umm Loops for his chain and lace for my crazy, lace is loopy, his chains are Lacey and Loopy means crazy, it sounds nice, is easy to remember and is shorter than others that we had been considering…works well and we are making the new URL for this BLOG BLOG and the new URL for my website
Setting it all up and and learning to use the new programs has been a steep Learning Curve but also very stimulating and exciting.

Besides sitting at the computer I have been out in the garden which is growing well with a combination of beautiful sunny spring days and more rain than we have seen for a few years.

spring garden