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September 2005
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Spot The Difference September 5th, 2005

When I showed my Visual Diary Page to Sharon she suggested a few ideas and then we started tossing ideas back and forth…I added the new ideas in black pen so that you can spot the differences there is a larger photo at Flicker… there is now way to many ideas to fit on the bag but it is great to have lots to choose from.

One of Sharon’s ideas was things that get lost in the garden and down the bottom left corner is a cluster of things that get lost in the garden…one of them is a ring pull from a can, in my head I wanted one of the old ones and low and behold today I came across one that I had dug out of the garden sometime in July and tossed to the side…I must have known that I would want one sometime…It is rather large for my garden so I will have to make a rock to hide it under and just have a corner sticking out…I think that I will leave the soil on it, just for effect.

found in garden

When I started thinking about where to put things on my bag I was fighting with it because in my head I was not sure wether I was designing with the features of the jeans or wether I should ignore them…After talking it through with Sharon it seemed my problem was that the fly is to central and the slope of the pockets to steep for what I want to do so I decided that I would leave the band and belt hooks exposed to keep a connection to the Jeans but below that I would cover most of them….With a clearer picture of what I wanted in my head I packed up the pieces and headed to visit friends for 8 days of R & R (that’s rest and recouperation) while there I got 2 fence posts done and started a second wall…The fence posts will form a gate which will have a Wysteria covered arch over it, one of the Fence posts will stick just a little way over the fly which puts the gate off center and covers the fly but still allows the zipper to be a pocket….When friend first saw the finished wall she thought that it was a printed fabric or painted on….when she looked at it with her glasses on she looked at me and told me to “get a life”, which is a private joke between us being her way of telling me that I am getting carried away with paffinicky detail….and she did bring me to my sences as I realized that I was planning on putting bushes in front of the fence which will cover most of it anyway so I will cut bush shapes out of floral fabrics and put them on and only brick the bits that show…

a gate