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Chain mail April 20th, 2005

Hi Pog and all who commented with a guess as to how I made the wire fan…pog having been first in I would have a prize for you if it were crochet but it is not….it is knitting …But then maybe you should have a prize as I have just done an experiment and crochet a wire fan and as you can see in this photo there is no visual difference between the knitted and crochet look of the wire, I think that the reason you all jumped the way of crochet rather than knitting is because instead of casting off, I had run a piece of wire through the last row of loops which kept it pliable so that it pulled into a ring like crochet does…

knitted and crochet wire fans

And why you wonder would I want to be knitting wire in the first place….It started with my son learning to make chain mail by wrapping wire into a spring, cutting the rings and linking them together to make the chain mail…we were told that some of the medieval mail was knitted, we have not been able to find any documentation of this and it may have been a miss understanding of word use as making it from the rings is referred to as knitting chain mail…in the meantime I couldn’t resist seeing if wire could be knitted of course mine is only beading wire which would supply not protection….below are some of Sam’s chain mail, it is lovely stuff to hold and play with…

Cain mail made by Sam

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