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My Band Sampler 196 – TAST II stitch 02 – Knotted Loop Stitch – Details 1036 to 1040 March 15th, 2010

Knotted Loop Stitch

The little bit at the top is a last diamond stitch because I wanted to see how it would stitch with Metalic thread.

The first Row of Knotted Loop Stitch is the basic stitch done in a size 5 cottojn pearl thread.

The second row, done with a soft thick cotton thread, forms curves down each side by altering the length of the stitch.

Leaves is an obvious use for knotted Loop stitch.

On the 10th of March a third baby elephant was born in Australia, this little guy, nick named Mr Shuffles is kinda special, thought to have died in in the womb only to be born alive and now after a shaky start is doing well…I have used knotted loop stitch to frame his photo.

The bottom row is the thick soft cotton thread with one straight side and one shaped side making it look like a fringe.

4 Responses to “My Band Sampler 196 – TAST II stitch 02 – Knotted Loop Stitch – Details 1036 to 1040”

  1. Cynthia Bonnell Says:

    The knotted loop stitch made a beautiful frame. Mr Shuffles is so cute. Hope he continues to do well.

  2. shirley Says:

    Isn’t he just the cutest, and your stitches are really nice. I Love variegated threads. IThe stitch looks good in the metallic thread as well.

  3. Charlie M Says:

    I have to say that the elephant is very cute (although I think zoos should be abolished — it’s like animal slavery). Your stitches are very nice. I have some Thai silk that I’m using to make my crazy quilt and you have given me inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Connie Kalina Says:

    I love what you did with the stitch.

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