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Charms page 1 November 25th, 2005

This is the first of 3 pages of images showing details of the Charms in the Charming Garden…

Bags of Fun Guidlines

I have put BIG images of the the Front, Back and Sides of the Bag on my website Gallery…

And you can see all the other Bags made from Jeans at the Bags of Fun Gallery.

When I have caught up on a few other tasks I will come back and add descriptions beside each image but before I do those of you who like playing games may like to go through them and see if you can count how many Charms I did use?…And because I would be interested in feedback as to how much detail is clear in the photos and how what you see is interpretted I will send a squishy to the person that sends me the most comprehensive list of the charms I have used…For my count I defined charm as anything that I stitched on other than flowers and leaves….send your list to before 5th Dec so that I can post the squishy on Mon 7th Dec so that it should reach the winner before christmas.

charms detail 1

Image #01

charms detail 2

Image #02

charms detail 3

Image #03

charms detail 4

Image #04

charms detail 5

Image #05

charms detail 6

Image #06

Charms page 2

Charms page 3

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8 Responses to “Charms page 1”

  1. Clairee Meeks Says:

    Hi Annie:
    What a charming bag (pun intended!) It is really cute, and I don’t usually like these kind of things, so that’s a really big compliment! If there are prizes, I’m sure you’ll be a recipient!

  2. Kay Susan Says:

    Annie, these closeups really bring your bag to life. Its wonderful, really it is!

  3. Sue Says:

    I discovered your site by accident whilst looking at atc’s (something I’ve just started doing) and wow I love your work. I’ve been wanting to decorate a new bag I bought in the Autumn and this is definitely inspiring me!

  4. Leslie Says:

    I love what you have created!!! It is soooo fun and all the charms are fantastic!!! You must have been collecting for quite a bit!!! Really cool project! Thank you for sharing pics!

  5. Dinair (Brazil) Says:

    Charming! Wonderful! I Love this!!!

  6. Maureen Says:

    I love your work. You’ve inspired me to start my embroidery and sewing again. Can you tell me what stitch the small pink roses on the bottom left and the lavender on the top are. Are they french knots or are they colonial knots? I just love this bag and everything else you’ve created.

  7. Mariann Says:

    I just love your work! I have been away from beading and crafting for about 4 years and have just recently started crafting with scrapbooking. I am a full time mother and daycare provider so my time is limited. I have done a lot of beading and crazy quilting in the past, selling my work from Maine to Vermont, Kansas to Hawaii. I am now living full-time in Kansas and am looking forward to being settled down and taking up my passions again. Thank you for your website, your instructions, and your inspiration. Happy creating!!

  8. fabi Says:

    génial ! magnifique. J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites

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