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My Band Sampler 157 – Stitch Explorer Febuary Trellis Stitch – Details 900 and 901 February 20th, 2009

Trellis Stitch

When Sharon showed me her Trellis stitch samples I was excited because I immediately thought of some cute things that I could do with it and I have had more ideas since…but first things first I have to learn how to do Trellis Stitch instructions.
Thank you Just String Blogspot for the clear instructions.

The mechanics of the stitch, wrapping the thread over and under the needle is much the same as a twisted chain so that bit was easy, getting the tension and when/how much to increase/decrease took a little practice although I am finding that it is very forgiving and a missed stitch or an extra stitch doesn’t stand out.

I started with a ring and a couple of circles, the second one changing thread for the middle of the circle…I then moved onto a wall with towers at the corners…The little green spot is a bush not very exciting in itself but I started with just a few stitches and increased a little before decreasing and as I was increasing it was forming a funnel shape and I realized that Trellis stitch wil make great Fungi shapes.

Next I did a pyramid, a wonky pyramid because I decreased to quickly.

while I was stitching the pyramid I was looking at my bush and thought, a little bit bigger with a brown trunk and it would be tree…

To make the tree I started with 4 stitches set in a square and worked spiral trellis stitch till it was about 1/2 inch high and then added a branch to the side.

Trellis stitch tree trunk

To make the top of the tree I worked 4 rows of Trellis stitch increasing each row at which point I joined the branch.

Trellis stitch tree top

I then worked 1 row without increasing and then decreased to the top of the tree.

Trellis stitch Tree

6 Responses to “My Band Sampler 157 – Stitch Explorer Febuary Trellis Stitch – Details 900 and 901”

  1. Diane Says:

    My goodness, you really have got the hang of the trellis stitch. The tree is wonderful!

  2. Doreen G Says:


  3. Mandie Says:

    I love the tree, it’s a fantastic idea.

  4. Susan Says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen much of that, if any. I’m going over to the blog you suggested to take a look. Thanks! I always learn things on your blog.

  5. Andrea Says:

    oooooh cool! – 3D stitching – what fun!
    … I will have to try that one myself … just not sure when … I think I need another 50 hours in each day so I might have some time to do some stitching as well as all the other things I never seem to have time for lately …
    btw – that tree is cute!
    (hmmm it looks a bit like a mushroom … I might have to experiment with that idea – wonder what I can stitch some mushrooms onto? lol)

  6. Denise Felton Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Your trellis stitch experiments are completely brilliant! I’ve scheduled a link to your blog to go live on my blog later this morning. I hope it brings you some new fans.


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