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My Band Sampler 139 – Stitch Explorer o4 – Detail 846 – Chicken Scratch January 21st, 2009

Miniature Apron with Chicken Scratch EmbroideryMiniature Apron with Chicken Scratch Embroidery Actual size

Before I started doing samples of chicken scratch the only way that I could think that I would use chicken scratch would be if I wanted to make a miniature apron and before I knew it I was making a miniature apron using 1/16th inch gingham and simplifying the pattern to single cross stitches…The only model that I could find that was the right scale (5.5 inch high Doll) was dressed as some sort of super women, an outfit that doesn’t quite go with and pink apron but you get the idea.

Chicken Scratch on my Band samplerThat is all the chicken scratch that I am going to do so I have taken a photo of the whole chicken scratch section.

8 Responses to “My Band Sampler 139 – Stitch Explorer o4 – Detail 846 – Chicken Scratch”

  1. Paule Says:

    The miniature apron is too cute ! Your chicken scratch section is beautiful and really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, what a delightful sampler you are making. I love the apron and how you’ve attached the gingham right to the sampler. Those triangles just above the apron to the left and the border above really have caught my eye.

    Best wishes,

  3. melisa Says:

    When I saw the apron on the doll I thought Super Mom!!!!

  4. Sharon Says:

    LOL Annie – Aren’t we all Super Women – especially in the kitchen where we create magic out of nothing and preform astounding feats on a daily basis… I love the apron and have been watching your sampler – I wish I had the patience and persistance to keep at it like you do…

  5. Andrea Says:

    actually … I think the apron does go with the outfit – I want a superhero like her to come and do MY housework!!! … or maybe she can finish sorting out my sewing room for me?

    hmmm … maybe you could get another scrap of gingham (brown or an olive green could look good) and make her an apron that matches the colour of her outfit … and attach a pair of wings – and she could be your “stash angel” – to sit/stand in/near your stash of fabric/threads/beads/whatever and make sure it comes to no harm …
    – I actually have a “stash angel” in my sewing room … my daughter had a “Stacey” doll (Barbie’s little sister I think) that she didn’t want any more, and she is dressed in a pink leotard with shiny stars on it … so she now has green silk wings and a tiara … I figured that if potters can have “kiln gods” (little pottery figures they make to stand on top of their kilns to make sure the pottery comes out of the firing ok) then why can’t quilters/etc have sewing room angels? LOL

  6. Conni Jenkins Says:

    I’ve been enjoying watching the progress on your sampler. And I absolutely love that doll apron!

  7. Nancilyn Says:

    The apron is precious. The action figure is scary. What a relief to find the apron as part of a really nifty sampler.

  8. scrap booking Says:

    it is really looking very amazing over the doll

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